Friday, 16 March 2012

Fine Dining, Difficult Second Albums and Other Mixed Metaphors

Supporting a team like Santa Cruz, who over the last few years have put their supporters through Websterian (John) levels of agony and suffering, does something to the body and soul. It creates a certain toughness of spirit. Raises the pain threshold.  Makes one, so runs the theory, a better man.  

Not for the tricolor the whining of the supporters of leading English teams not named Manchester City, with all their complaining that their fabulously wealthy club is not as rich as another, even more fabulously wealthy club. Not for the tricolor the whimpering of the Flamenguista, demanding the head of Patricia Amorim on a silver platter because Mengão don’t win the Brasileirão, the Libertadores, and the All-Rio Under 15’s Domino Championship every single year...

Read the rest of this piece on See A Darkness. Photo thanks to the wonderful Memorias do Santa Cruz.

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